Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce - Governament Orders
Latest Governament Order List
1.  Discount on accommodation for Film makers in APTDC Hotels and Resorts located in the State of Andhra Pradesh .    -  Click here to Download
2.  Reopening of cinemas/theatres/multiplexes Permission-Telangana Orders- G.O.Ms.No:158 .    -  Click here to Download
3.  Reopening of cinemas/theatres/multiplexes Permission-Andhra Pradesh Orders- G.O.RT.No:433 .    -  Click here to Download
4.  SOP for exhibition of films .    -  Click here to Download
5.  Shooting permission free of cost to all the Film and Television Producers announced by Government of Andhra Pradesh - G.O.No.45 .    -  Click here to Download
6.  Special Incentives announced by Government of Andhra Pradesh - G.O.No.116 .    -  Click here to Download
7.  Implementing Computerized Online ticketing system - G.O.Rt.No.2050 Letterhead.    -  Click here to Download
8.  Single Window Shooting Permissions - G.O.Rt.No.2099.    -  Click here to Download
9.  AP Rules for Construction and Regulation of Multiplex Complexes - G.O.Ms No.486.    -  Click here to Download