S.No Name of the Dept. DD In Favour of Rs/- Per DAy
1 All Temples in Telugu States E.O., Name of the Temple & Place 10,000/- per day
2 Nehru Zoo Park Curator, Nehru Zoo Park 10,000/- per day
3 "All Municipal Corporations (Roads & Parks under municipal. Corp.)" Commr, GHMC/GVMC 5,000/- per day
4 Beach & Beach Roads VC&MD., VUDA, Visakhapatnam 5,000/- per day
5 Archeology & Museums "Dy Dir.(Admin) Dept. of Archeology& Museums, Hyd." 15,000/- per day
6 "Himayathsagar/Osmansagar Guest Houses" VC&MD., HMWS& SB, Hyderabad 10,000/- per day
7 "Parks & Roads under HUDA control (Indira Park, Lumbini Park, Sajeevaiah Park, Krishnakanth Park & Necklace Road)" Vc&MD., HUDA, Hyderabad 15,000/- per day
8 Public Garden Dy. Dir., Dept. of Horticulture 10,000/- per day
9 CE S' Building (R&B) Dept., Chief Engineer (R&B) Dept., 5,000/- per day
10 "River, Rever banks & bridges in Telugu States
(East & west Godavari & Krishna Dist.)"
"APAO, SACB (IW) Dowleswaram, E.G . Dist.
PAO, Works c& Projects, Vijayawada"
5,000/- per day
11 All Forests in Telugu States DFO, Wildlife Management
Division, Rangaraddy Dist.
5,000/- per day
DFO, Wildlife Management
Division, Paderu, Visakhapatnam
DFO, Wildlife Management
Division, Tirupati, Chittoor
DFO, Wildlife Management
Division, Visakhapatnam
DFO, Wildlife Management
Division, Achampet, Mahaboob Nagar
12 Libraries in Telugu States "Librarian, State Central Library, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad" 10,000/- per day
13 All Mandal/Village Roads in Telugu States. "Mandal Revenue Tahilbar, & Name of the mandal & District." 5,000/- per day
14 Quli Qutub Shah Deccan Park "Administrator (FAC), QQSUDA, Hyderabad." 15,000/- per day